Natural Resources: Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Looking for an easy, economical way to enhance your employee recognition program? The resources are right in front of you. They’re sitting in your cubicles and offices…greeting you in the hallway…maybe even pulling into your favorite parking space! That’s right, they’re your employees. Peer-to-peer recognition is gaining more attention among organizations of all types and […]

10 Tips for Maintaining and Sustaining Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Once you’ve kicked off a peer-to-peer recognition program, your work is done, right? After all, you’ve delegated the task of acknowledging successes, so you can just step back and let it happen.   Not so fast. While a great deal of the responsibility has been shifted, you still have to maintain and sustain the program. […]

Three Keys to Successful Peer-to-Peer Recognition

You’re sold on the concept of peer-to-peer recognition . You’ve convinced your managers of the benefits: greater employee engagement, improved morale, increased productivity and profitability. The question now is, how do you create, implement and sustain a program? First things first. The beauty of this type of program is that it’s totally customizable to every […]

Recognition Yields Results

By now, everybody should be on board with the importance of having an effective recognition program. Employees want to feel good about their performance and appreciated for their time and efforts. But a solid recognition program isn’t just about making people happy. Consistently administered and communicated, it will yield positive results throughout your organization. Did […]

Celebrating Nurses Week 2015

Nurses do a lot for us. They are highly-trained, skilled professionals who care for our sick and disabled. A nurse helps to educate patients about healthy living as well as any current or chronic disease treatments. He or she also performs procedures as prescribed by physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners. These responsibilities are just […]

Perfect Employee Attendance Initiative Programs

Remember back when you were in school and perfect attendance was a really big deal? When you think about it, why should it be any different today in the workforce? After all, regular attendance is critical to job continuity and productivity. Conversely, a “slacker” is going to have a negative impact on the department, causing […]

Awards Aren’t for Salespeople Only

Salespeople are the lifeblood of most corporations and have traditionally been treated accordingly – not only with generous commissions, but with cash, travel and merchandise awards. In the case of sales, awards also act as powerful incentives to bring in new customers and meet or beat increasingly aggressive sales goals. But the tide may be […]

Low Budget? No Problem!

There’s a glimmer of hope on the economic horizon, as least concerning job growth. There are fewer claims for unemployment and many companies are even hiring again. Maybe yours is one of them! But even the most optimistic organizations are still watching expenditures very carefully, especially where rewards and recognition are concerned. Recognition is a […]

The Case Against Cash Awards

non cash employee recognition awards

When it comes to compensation above and beyond salary or commission, companies have traditionally turned to cash. It’s fast, it’s easy and everybody likes it! But according to The Incentive Research Foundation (IRF), many companies are now recognizing that cash awards and incentives aren’t necessarily the best way to go. Here’s the case against cash: […]

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

According to the old adage, that’s what you become when you’re “early to bed and early to rise.” Maybe so, but encouraging wellness in the workplace has the same outcome! Healthy. It’s no surprise that healthy workers are happier, more productive, and a better influence on their co-workers. Employee wellness programs are increasingly popular and […]

Idea of the Month

Employee of the Month Programs for Productivity Many organizations in today’s work environment have removed Employee of the Month programs as they are deemed not necessary. If your organization has set this tradition aside, it’s time to give it another look…and bring it into the 21st century. Whether you work for a corporation with multiple […]

What’s in a (Brand) Name?

It doesn’t take a name-brand provider to provide brand names. Generic products are great for supermarkets, not so much for service recognition programs. Let’s face it: whether it’s a personal gift or part of a program, a brand name beats a barcode any day. It tells your employees that they’re getting something of value – […]

Survey Says: How to Interpret Survey Results

Every manager knows the power of positive reinforcement. But when it comes to recognition, sometimes the best intentions go slightly awry. Why? Recognition practices and programs impact each individual differently, whether positively or negatively. The best way to determine what your employees really want: Ask them! Recognition surveys can uncover individual preferences in how employees […]

Recognize This: Tips for Employee Recognition

Everybody loves an anniversary, which makes me wonder why so many organizations only offer service recognition in five-year intervals. Yes, it can get costly to offer formal gifts every year – and forget about the size of the banquet hall you’d have to rent! But there are easy, cost-effective and fun ways to recognize employees […]

Formal Service Award Programs: Black Tie Optional

Isn’t it enough to say “thanks” every five years? In a word, no! A service awards banquet is a great way to acknowledge years of service. If you’re doing it, by all means keep it up. Who doesn’t love having their dedication to the company recognized by management and peers? But don’t make your employees […]