7 Reasons for a Recognition Program

Whether you’re thinking about a recognition program for your organization, trying to sell the idea to the folks in the corner office, or already have a program up and running, here are seven compelling reasons why you need one – or why you may want to revisit and revise what you’ve got!

  1. Recognition programs boost employee engagement. An engaged workforce yields higher productivity, lower turnover and greater customer satisfaction, among other benefits.
  2. When you celebrate success, you encourage more of the same. It’s the simple principle of positive reinforcement at work. Recognition programs are a great way to reward and encourage repeatable behaviors like perfect attendance and days without safety incidents.
  3. Everybody benefits. Some corporations limit their rewards to salespeople when they meet and exceed quotas. A company-wide program recognizes the efforts and achievements of workers at every level, creating a positive corporate culture and a happier, more productive workforce.
  4. Recognition is the logical endgame of goal-setting. To keep your employees engaged and your company thriving, it’s important to set realistic, measurable goals. Formal recognition, including public acknowledgment, gives employees something tangible to strive for.
  5. It’s a great incentive for new hires. With a employee solid recognition program as part of your corporate culture, your organization becomes much more attractive to the top echelon of talent.
  6. Did we mention lower turnover? Yes, but it bears mentioning again. Forbes magazine reports that organizations with a “recognition-rich culture” have 31% lower voluntary turnover rates.
  7. It gives you the opportunity to work with THE BEST in the business. Award Concepts will set you up with a customized program to help you achieve all of the benefits we just outlined – and we guarantee that you’ll enjoy every interaction you have with us!

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