Corporate Rings

A corporate award ring doesn’t only cement the bond between your business and its employees. It also advertises your brand to everyone who sees it. A corporate ring is an employee award that works for all genders, ages and industries. When artfully designed, it is both a pleasure to receive and an honor to wear. And when it’s custom-made by Award Concepts, an award ring is a unique piece of jewelry that eloquently represents your company.

A Visible Way to Honor Employee Accomplishments

When you give an employee a custom corporate ring, you let him or her know how much you appreciate hard work and dedication. Award rings are something special — an acknowledgment of attachment and loyalty to your corporation. Whether you use corporate recognition rings to honor years of service, performance that goes above and beyond, retirement or another occasion or achievement, it creates a tangible, visible reminder to that you value your employees. Like all the corporate jewelry we create at Award Concepts, our rings are as eye-catching as they are meaningful. Thanks to the work of our master jewelers, they are quality pieces your employees will be proud to wear.

The Benefits of Company Rings

There are so many advantages that come from using award rings in your employee recognition program. Here are a few examples:

  • They honor the performance and behavior of your top employees
  • They encourage the level of work you’re trying to cultivate among your team
  • They give deserving employees a sense of appreciation
  • They advertise your business to anyone who sees the rings
  • At Award Concepts, they are both attractive and fully customizable to your business
  • They are distinctive, beautiful pieces of jewelry

Every time your employees or team members wear custom-made corporate rings, they serve as tangible reminders of your business and what it stands for — not to mention their relationship to it. Company rings help you build deeper bonds with your best workers.

Why Choose Award Concepts to Create Your Corporate Rings

When it comes to corporate award rings, nobody delivers better products or higher quality than Award Concepts. Our company specializes in creating custom corporate rings, designed in-house and fabricated at our manufacturing facility in St. Charles, Ill. We use state-of-the-art CAD software and are able to incorporate your unique business logo and whatever messaging you desire. So when you’re looking for American-made corporate recognition rings that will wow your hard-working team members, come to Award Concepts. Our passionate team of customer service professionals is ready and waiting to serve you.

To learn more about what the corporate recognition jewelry we offer, contact us today.