We’re not like those “other guys”.

You know who we’re talking about – those traditional, old-school service recognition vendors. We’re not knocking them. But we’re not following them, either. At Award Concepts, we blaze our own trail. We do things a little differently…sometimes a lot differently!

We bet you’ve never seen super-targeted, super-sourced collections like our Weekend Warrior, or the complete Hadley House gallery in one place. And we guarantee you won’t see the Badge ACcent anywhere else!

We don’t fool around.

That’s the principle on which Award Concepts was founded. Let’s face it, employee recognition isn’t rocket science. You don’t need to partner with the biggest vendor out there, or the one who’s been around the longest. You need a partner who keeps things super simple…whose programs are easy to transition, quick to implement and hands-off for you. And that would be us!

Things we are not:
Old, boring, traditional, inflexible, stale, and other uncool descriptive words.

Things we are:
Good people, fun, energetic, believers, direct, innovators, creative, and a lot of other really cool adjectives. We are THE BEST.

Now it’s your turn.

We want to find out more about you! Give us a call or click here to contact us right now!

Get to Know Us

Account Services Manager & Merchandiser

With degrees in Information Technology and Aviation Management, 17 years in IT at United Airlines and multiple pilot licenses, it’s tough for Sheree to keep her feet on the ground. It says a lot for Award Concepts and our customers that Sheree has been our Account Services and Merchandising Manager for nine years. Sheree’s love […]

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Account Coordinator

Megan joined the Award Concepts Customer Care team in 2006.  She assists clients throughout the entire service recognition process from inputting awardee lists in the system, assembling literature packets for employees, coordinating ship dates with the Shipping Department, placing orders and handling day-to-day customer care matters. Megan grew up in St. Charles, Illinois and returned […]

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