Safety Points Program

It’s hard to overestimate the value of safety in the workplace. When employees get injured, it prevents them from doing their jobs, leads to absenteeism, increases insurance claims, costs your corporation money, and slows overall productivity. On top of that, it creates a workplace environment that harms your most valuable asset — as your people feel stressed and at risk.


What can you do to create the kind of environment where safety is a priority and workers feel protected from harm? Beyond setting guidelines and programs for safety, what else is important? Consider incentivizing your safety program. Implementing safety incentives through a safety points program from Award Concepts encourages your entire team to prioritize safety at work, which is good for everybody.

How the Award Concepts Safety Points Program Works

At Award Concepts, we specialize in creating personalized points-based programs that incentivize safe practices on the job. Here’s how it works: you come to us, and we create a custom safety program for your organization, catered to your needs and budget. In it, we help you track the specific behaviors and safety practices that you want to reinforce. As time goes by and employees meet their goals, they gain points.


Your workers follow safety protocols and access in-demand rewards from which they can choose — including traditional items such as watches to modern choices such as electronics — in the incentive system. Your workplace becomes safer, and your employees are happier. This is the appeal of a safety points program.

Benefits of Using a Points-Based Employee Rewards Program

Why should you consider using a custom points program to promote safety in your workplace? The biggest reason is that you can use employee safety awards to reward and reinforce safer, careful workplace behaviors — so you can help prevent incidents, injuries and their costs. Anything that creates a safer workplace is a benefit for your business’s bottom line — as it not only protects workers, but also reduces workers’ compensation costs, boosts attendance and improves overall morale.


At Award Concepts, our safety incentive programs:


  • Have no monthly administrative costs
  • Are easy to manage
  • Free you to focus on your business
  • Keep your employees motivated to practice safety in the workplace
  • Incentivize the practice of safety-boosting behaviors
  • Provide thousands of fantastic, high-quality gift options to employees
  • Include smooth and simple order fulfillment services
  • Are fully customizable to your needs


Whether your industry is manufacturing or office supplies, when you want to cultivate the kind of work environment where employees are safe to do their jobs day after day, you can benefit from safety incentive programs.


To learn more about creating a custom program catered to your business, contact Award Concepts today!

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