Sonos Home Audio Reward Points Program

Remember when Walkmans and boom boxes were the hottest audio items offered in your reward and recognition program? If they still are, listen up! There’s a better way to play your favorite tunes today — and it can make a powerful incentive for improving workplace  performance through our top employee recognition programs and services.


Home audio has come into the 21st century with the arrival of the Sonos sound system. This new wireless Hi-Fi system can fill a whole house with perfectly synced, rich, enjoyable music. Who wouldn’t love that? Award Concepts now helps you use these wireless speakers to incentivize better workplace performance. Reward rock-solid work with rock-solid wireless sound. Treat your top talent to the top sound system in the marketplace! We make it easy with our points-based employee rewards program, which includes the complete Sonos suite of products.


Award Concepts offers all the Sonos components in Our GIFT For You program — a revolutionary concept in its own right. Give your staff the chance to earn a high-quality home sound system they actually want, and make it easy for them to stay motivated for your business in the process.

Sonos: The Home Sound System

Whether someone loves new technology or just wants a convenient way to play sound at home, Sonos speakers are the answer. This in-demand sound system connects to a user’s home Wi-Fi network. It’s easy and convenient to amplify tunes from all your favorite programs: iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, Google Play, SiriusXM radio and more.


Our GIFT For You incentive program gives you a way to offer employees all of the components of this home audio system as rewards: bridge, playbar, amp, sub and more. In fact, part of what makes Sonos so great for an incentive program like this is that it lets employees build their home audio system one piece at a time — motivating them to continually earn points to create more epic sound! The entire system is easy to set up and manage, and it’s controllable via smartphone, computer or tablet.


If you’re interested in learning more about this revolutionary sound system and how it fits into our reward points program, download the accompanying flyer. Then, get in touch with us anytime to talk about bringing the finest home audio to all the music aficionados in your company. Motivate your team and improve workplace productivity through our incentive program that moves your business toward its goals!

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