Points Program

It’s good to hear, “You’ve got a point.” It’s even better to hear, “You’ve got 450 points, pick out a gift!” That’s the beauty of an employee recognition points program from Award Concepts. With a points program, employee rewards accumulate, which creates the potential for long-term goals and long-term motivation. Even better, when partnering with Award Concepts to build your recognition system, we work with your business to create an effective rewards program tailored to your team.

Customizable Employee Recognition Points Programs

At Award Concepts, we know that no two businesses are the same. That’s why, when you work with us, we customize a unique points program to fit your organization’s needs and budget. This custom-designed program will be simple to manage, with no monthly administrative costs, freeing you to focus on your business.

The real point of our programs, though, is getting — and keeping — your employees motivated, with points-based employee incentive programs that work. With thousands of fantastic gift items from which to choose in our catalog, motivating your team won’t be a problem. We’ve designed our programs to give employees tangible reasons to move forward. Thanks to one of these programs, your business can see productivity increase, employees feel appreciated and your business reaps the benefits.

Advantages of Our Points-Based Employee Incentive Programs

When you implement an employee recognition points system with Award Concepts, you get to offer the best gift selections from THE BEST recognition provider in the industry. Through your personalized point reward system for employees, you can motivate your staff with a practical tool for rewarding good behavior. A points-based incentive program is a powerful strategy to get everybody moving toward the same goals.

Consider some of the benefits of a custom points program for your business:

  • A custom-tailored program to reward years of service, top performance, specific achievements, etc.
  • A tool to build loyalty, boost morale and drive performance
  • No monthly administration costs
  • Easy, seamless program management
  • In-demand rewards — from traditional items such as watches and jewelry to modern favorites that include electronics, sporting goods and small appliances

Are you ready to put employee incentives to work for your company? Award Concepts is here to help you take your business to the next level of productivity and success.

Take a look at the flyer for more info. Then, call us to talk about specifics and how a rewards program can fit your brand. Together, let’s start building a points program that’s perfect for your staff.

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