Healthcare Safety Awards & Recognition

Safety is critically important in any workplace. In a health care facility, where lives are often at stake, that importance is magnified. After all, even a seemingly minor safety infraction could put patients at great risk — and also create enormous liability issues for the facility. A mishap pertaining to infection control is a great example.

A great strategy for promoting safety and emphasizing mindfulness is implementing a health care safety rewards program. Employees who strictly adhere to protocol and engage in safe practices — regardless of how hectic the shift — are worthy of recognition. A health care safety rewards program lets you emphasize to your entire staff the importance and value of taking safety seriously. This can help prevent a variety of costly errors, accidents and injuries, making a health care safety rewards program a great investment, too.

Promoting Health Care Safety: Management Must Take the Lead

Health care facilities typically are large operations. Messages as important as emphasizing safety should not be left to individual departments. In a hospital setting, for example, a hospital safety rewards program that is supported by upper management will carry much more weight. These types of programs should also be consistent throughout a facility, not implemented on a department-by-department basis with potentially wide variances in structure.

In addition to delivering a strong message, a health care safety rewards program can boost morale. Receiving an honor and attention for prioritizing safety is very affirming to the recipient that his or her dedication is appreciated by top-level management. It motivates other individuals to value a safety-minded workplace as well.

How to Reward for Health Care Safety.

At Award Concepts, our Healthcare Safety Recognition Program is a points-based program that helps you reward and reinforce safe practices. It’s easy to administer and a snap to track. Best of all, it’s a great way to engage all employees, from doctors and nurses to aides and administrative staff. With the safety rewards program from Award Concepts, employees earn points for various achievements, such as working a set number of days without an incident, suggesting or implementing new best practices, or otherwise setting an excellent example for others. Some of the benefits of our program include:

  • A tool to incentivize facility safety
  • An easy and effective system to manage
  • A catalog with hundreds of different gifts available as rewards
  • Jewelry awards are designed and manufactured in St. Charles, IL

At Award Concepts, safety comes first, just like it does in your facility. We have a stellar safety record because we practice what we provide.

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If one objective of your health care system is to emphasize safety, give our Award Concepts program a try. Our flyer contains more information about our program for how to reward health care safety. Or you can contact us anytime. Let’s discuss your facility and how incorporating an awards program could improve your safety initiative. There’s no risk, and the rewards will soon become obvious. Contact us today to learn more.

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