Sales Recognition Awards and Programs

How can you recognize your top sales performers in a way that keeps them motivated and eager to do even better in the future? Money is a powerful incentive, of course, but when resources are limited, executives and sales managers must find other ways to reward salespeople.

Tangible recognition awards are the answer, tailored to your organization. Through the right sales reward programs, you can acknowledge hard-working salespeople in ways that build pride and deepen their engagement with your business.


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Sales Recognition Ideas for Top Performers

Here are just a few sales incentive ideas worthy of public accolades and awards:

    • Top performer
    • Biggest increase in sales
    • Winner in longest or shortest sales cycle
    • New account acquisition
    • Meeting or exceeding sales goals in a target market
    • Expansion into a new market
    • Achieving a desired level of revenue
    • Number of sales of a new product line
    • Number of sales made in a new geographic area

Why are sales recognition awards in gift form often preferable to cash awards? For one thing, gift awards in a qualified plan aren’t subject to the tax and fee obligations of a cash award, but they are deductible as an employer’s business expense. Winners of employee incentive programs also view these awards as gifts. Plus, a gift award serves as a tangible reminder, year after year, of the value your business places on an employee’s service.

Customized Gifts for Your Sales Recognition Programs

How can Award Concepts help you make the most of your sales recognition programs?

  • Let us get to know you. To start, tell us more about your sales recognition objectives. With your input, we will draft a blueprint for your strategy and begin building a sales recognition program just for you. We have more than 4,000 awards to work with, including pins, rings, charms, key rings and other customized emblematic jewelry options.
  • Get a custom gift catalog. Our gift catalogs — designed to reflect your corporate brand and messaging — also include customized packaging for that “extra touch.”
  • Go above and beyond with custom gifts. At Award Concepts, we strongly believe in award personalization. We want your salespeople to forever associate their awards with your organization. We manufacture customized key rings and rings that reflect your corporate branding. Watches can have engraved backs and clocks can have engraved plates.
  • Offer a custom online catalog and ordering portal. If you like, we can provide a customized web-based award catalog and ordering portal for your award recipients. Signing onto the website with a username and password, recipients can view award selections and seamlessly place orders for an award of their choice. With our easy-to-use web-based ordering system, Award Concepts has received and successfully processed more than 70,000 online orders in the past three years alone.

When designing the sales incentive ideas for your business, we consider your industry, employee demographics, culture, core values and budget. These factors are reflected in the tailor-made, branded, sales recognition programs we make for you. Your program can feature specific gift selections, literature design and emblematic choices. Take, for example, our innovative Badge ACcent “years of service” award. It’s a custom-designed (and surprisingly affordable) piece of corporate jewelry that honored sales performers can proudly wear every day.


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Why Reward Your Sales Team?

Nobody has to tell you that your sales team is important. Your sales team’s work is what brings in new deals and purchases to boost business revenue. That’s why, the more ways you can motivate and incentivize sales, the better. That’s where sales recognition awards come into play. When offering rewards to top performers or those who reach certain goals, everybody benefits. Here are some perks of using our incentive programs:

  • Build business loyalty
  • Communicate appreciation
  • Reinforce hard work and desirable behavior
  • Promote your company’s success
  • Increase employee morale
  • Motivate your salespeople

Add Impact to Your Sales Recognition Efforts

Many of Award Concepts gifts are ideal for presentation in a public setting. Honoring a top sales performer before an audience of his or her peers is a wonderful motivational tool that reinforces the type of behavior your organization desires and demands. It’s also a key building block in any type of positive company culture.

Forbes magazine reports that companies with a “recognition-rich culture” have 31 percent lower voluntary turnover rates. Learn more about how Award Concepts can help you recognize and reward your best sales performers (and keep them engaged and motivated for years to come).

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