OUR GIFT FOR YOU is just that.

Sure, gifts for your employees are what you had in mind. But the truth is, our online award ordering platform is also a gift for you. The thing about our employee recognition awards is that they benefit and motivate your employees, and the Our Gift For You platform for ordering those awards will benefit your business with its strategic design — one that saves you time and thus money, while also creating happier employees.

This platform helps you honor hard work and valuable contributions in a way that also builds business loyalty and promotes your company in the process. That’s because, at Awards Concepts, our online employee ordering platform is specially designed to save you precious time and earn you a well-deserved pat on the back, to boot. Learn more about our employee appreciation gift ideas below.

Why Ours Stands Out Among Employee Recognition Platforms

Here’s what makes our online award platform second to none:

  • Flexible online reporting: Our user-friendly online reporting makes it easier than ever to have what you need to know — without a lot of useless fluff — exactly when you need it. We put data at your fingertips. With just a few simple clicks, you can see what orders need to be released, what orders are open, what orders are shipped, usage reports, response types, gift selections and more.
  • Social media integration: Put the power of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to work for you by encouraging your employees to share their awards on social media. Because we make it so easy for your staff members to share their recognition, you get free company promotion even as your employees get to share the news of their milestones.
  • A wide gift selection: Awards can only incentivize when they’re desirable, and that’s why we offer a diverse selection of gifts. Our range of awards is mighty impressive, even in the lower price points, offering something for everyone.
  • Help picking rewards: To make it easier and more convenient for your employees to pick rewards they’ll really love, we go the extra mile in reward promotion. We offer multiple product images, YouTube videos and reviews to help employees pick their perfect gift. And their feedback counts!

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