Retirement Recognition Programs

Do you have employees who are nearing retirement? Individuals who chose your company as their last (or only) place of employment? If so, you have a golden opportunity to cement your relationship with them while creating a stronger work culture for everyone.

Award Concepts can help you design an employee retirement awards program that honors the service of your most loyal workers and communicates how much you value their long-term commitment. With a retirement recognition program, you also create a company culture of appreciation where hard work is rewarded — and everyone knows it.

Awards for Employee Retirement Programs

Award Concepts offers a variety of employee retirement gifts. When someone retires after years of service, we can help you choose mementos that highlight your appreciation. From a retirement plaque to jewelry, recognition awards communicate that you care. Award Concepts manufactures corporate award jewelry including pins, rings, badges and key rings. There’s also a catalog of awards that allows employers to select the gifts they find most appealing — from kitchen utensils, shoes and outdoor gear to timepieces, home audio components and other items.

Why Employers Should Consider a Recognition Program

From a business standpoint, there are many reasons to implement an employee retirement awards program for your personnel. Consider the benefits for your company:

  • Creates a positive work environment
  • Establishes a culture of recognition
  • Motivates high performance among your team
  • Reinforces the value of loyalty and years of service
  • Increases morale among employees
  • Boosts employee retention and decreases turnover

Benefits of Our Employee Retirement Programs

  • There are no monthly administrative costs.
  • The programs are easy to manage.
  • We free you up to focus on the rest of your business.
  • We have thousands of high-quality gift options available.
  • The program is customizable to your needs.
  • We have a smooth and simple order-fulfillment system.

Why Work With Award Concepts

Whether your industry is printing, painting, marketing or manufacturing, come to Award Concepts when you want the best in retirement recognition. Our organization is committed to helping you foster an achievement-focused atmosphere throughout your company. We have a wide range of features, a custom gift catalog and exceptional customer service. Let us help you create a stronger work culture and job environment with a retirement recognition program catered to you.

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