Attendance Recognition Programs

A core indicator of good work ethic often comes down to an employee’s dedication to showing up to work each day, ready to be productive.

Remember your school days when students won perfect attendance awards? That was encouraging, wasn’t it? Professional adults appreciate positive recognition, too.

What Are Attendance Recognition Awards?

A perfect attendance awards plan offers you a formal and consistent way to track and celebrate reliable employees.

It is easy to get bogged down with daily responsibilities, letting attendance tracking slide, but your employees’ devotion to good attendance is worth the effort.

At Award Concepts, we can help you decide whether you want to track and reward exemplary employee attendance monthly, quarterly or annually. We can also help you with scheduling and tracking a ceremony or banquet that includes attendance recognition program honorees.

Most importantly, our attendance recognition awards offer high-quality, personalized gifts that tangibly express your gratitude for employees’ admirable work standards.

Here are just a few of the gifts available — ready for the inclusion of your business’s brand information and inscription of your employee’s name:

Consider an Employee Attendance Recognition Program

There are employees you know you can rely on to show up each day, rain or shine, with a friendly demeanor and determination to accomplish their tasks. Of course, you probably let them know how much you appreciate their commitment through spoken words, merit raises, promotions and bonuses.

Maybe, though, you might want to do a little more to show your appreciation.

While employees appreciate a sincere thank you for their perfect attendance, they will certainly value your commitment to developing and implementing a thoughtful, full-scale perfect attendance employee reward program.

Our points-based employee attendance recognition program features personalized and meaningful gifts that could stoke the fires for perfect attendance for even more employees well into the future.

Benefits of Adopting a Perfect Attendance Employee Award Program

Award Concepts offers multiple benefits to you and your employees.

Your Organization

  • A large selection of high-quality perfect attendance gifts
  • Smooth and simple order fulfillment services
  • Tracking assistance to ensure you never miss an employee’s perfect attendance record
  • Happy employees who will continue their stellar attendance or become inspired to do better
  • Improved employee retention

Your Employees

  • Feeling valued by your organization
  • Encouragement to continue or begin perfect attendance
  • Inspires increased loyalty to your business

Let Award Concepts Help You Recognize Perfect Attendees

Do some of your employees show off their solid work ethic with perfect attendance?
Are these employees showing up, even if they have a massive stockpile of personal days?
These are the people who could use, and deserve, your high praise, along with thoughtful gifts to show how important their diligence is to you.

Commuting to work each day can be grueling — no matter how much you care about your job and employer. Making the effort on days employees would rather stay home should be applauded.

Award Concepts is here to help you highlight these exceptional employees!
Contact us today to learn more about our perfect attendance rewards programs and all the available gifts.