Sales Achievement Rings

In the corporate world, a sales achievement ring is an eye-catching accessory synonymous with accomplishment. An employee who wears a ring lets everyone know that he or she has hit specific sales goals and milestones. The rings are a point of pride and a great way for companies to cement relationships with their highest-performing salespeople. Sales award rings also raise the profile of the companies that bestow them. When your brand creates custom sales achievement rings for its top salespeople, it reinforces its name and logo everywhere those salespeople go. At Award Concepts, we specialize in creating custom sales award rings to honor achievements in a way that’s specific to your brand.

Benefits From Sales Employee Award Rings

There are many benefits that come from including sales employee achievement rings in your business incentive programs — both for your salespeople and for your company. Here are a few of them:

  • Performance incentive — When there’s a level of performance you want to encourage, incentives are key. Whether you’re looking to hit a specific revenue goal or bring in a certain number of new clients, using rewards such as custom rings can motivate your sales team to get on board.
  • Employee motivator — Every salesperson equates sales with increased income, but knowing added incentives are available can further boost their motivation. Therefore, using rewards can give your company a real sales advantage in the marketplace.
  • A way to show appreciation — Companies that communicate respect and appreciation to their salespeople are companies that build loyalty with their staff. Create a company culture that rewards achievement to attract and retain the best talent.
  • Brand promotion — When one of your salespeople wears a company ring, it’s an automatic public relations campaign for your business. Putting your name and logo on your employees’ hands can encourage more business and new connections.

Choosing Custom Sales Achievement Rings From Award Concepts

At Award Concepts, we specialize in creating all kinds of brand-name awards merchandise for companies to use in their incentive programs. When you come to us for sales award rings, you can enjoy custom-made products that feature your logo, wow your recipients and create positive memories for years to come. Backed by more than 30 years in the employee recognition business, we’re today’s No. 1 provider of quality employee awards. We have our own in-house design and manufacturing capabilities, allowing us to control quality from design to completion. While we’re small enough to give you high-touch service, we’re also large enough to create the highest quality solutions. Let us help you reward your most valuable salespeople with beautiful, personalized rings.

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