Peer To Peer Recognition And Rewards Programs

Nobody has to tell you that happy employees are motivated employees — and that’s exactly why peer to peer recognition programs are so valuable for boosting your business’s bottom line. When you find ways to create a community of mutual honor and respect among your workforce, you lay the foundation for an environment of loyalty, camaraderie and more effective teamwork. With that in mind, Award Concepts is here to help you implement the kind of peer to peer employee recognition program that incentivizes good work at any and every level of your staff. Through peer-nominated employee recognition and rewards, you can create the kind of workplace where everyone wants to work.


What Is Peer to Peer Recognition, and Why Does It Matter?

Peer to peer recognition programs are a way to leverage your company’s most valuable resource by encouraging staff members to spot and recognize one another’s exemplary work. Who better understands the way work gets done each day than the co-workers around an employee? While management may spot good work, peers see more of what’s happening behind the scenes. This makes their affirmation feel even more authentic and meaningful. Peer to peer recognition programs can be used for a variety of things, including actions to promote positive morale, good teamwork, innovative problem-solving efforts, going above and beyond typical levels of service, and more. In any case, when peers take the time to notice and recognize work that’s well done in one another, it powerfully affirms that work. It also often leads to reciprocation. The resulting regular recognition creates a culture of engagement and respect.


More Powerful and Effective Peer to Peer Recognition Ideas

Award Concepts specializes in creating rewards programs that engage and motivate employees, and that’s especially true with our peer recognition concepts, which can be a powerful complement to formal recognition programs. We give you everything from the blueprints for a program to custom gift catalogs created to your specifications. Here are some of the recognition award ideas that can be used in a successful peer to peer recognition program:

    • Ask employees to post “good job” cards on a bulletin board in the office; at the end of the month, reward the employee who has the most recognitions.
    • Encourage staff members to recognize one another on social media.
    • Feature someone’s exemplary work in a company newsletter or publication.
    • Announce accomplishments and contributions publicly across the company.

Potential Peer to Peer Recognition Rewards to Offer Team Members

To be most effective, rewards should be something employees value, whether tangible or intangible. While the intangible reward of public recognition is itself a reward, following that up with a gift of some kind is powerful. With that in mind, some tangible peer award ideas include:

• Employee of the Month

    • pin/plaque
    • Paid time off
    • Items from a recognition program catalog
    • Preferred parking spaces
    • Parties or events

In terms of energizing your employees, there are few incentive programs as powerful as a peer to peer recognition program. Use one to generate a more positive workplace and more engaged personnel.

To learn more about peer award ideas, contact us at Award Concepts today!