Service Award Pins

When you’re looking for the proper way to honor an employee’s outstanding tenure, accomplishment or service, a service award pin is the perfect choice. More than a lovely piece of jewelry, an award pin is a personalized memento that displays an individual’s achievement to everyone who sees it. It also celebrates the kind of professional behavior you want to encourage among your employees. At Award Concepts, we custom-make all our pins at our own facility, designing them to your specifications and needs. Communicate to your entire company that you understand, value and appreciate your team members. We’re here to help you create exceptional service lapel pins for your staff.

The Benefits of Using Employee Service Pins

Are you a manager, looking to call attention to honorable service? Are you a business, wanting to foster a corporate culture of respect? Service award pins for employees don’t just recognize high-achieving individual workers. They also offer benefits to employers. Here are some of the perks of using custom award pins in your company’s rewards program:

  • They allow employers to thank and honor special employees.
  • They tell employees they’re important and valuable.
  • They create a culture of respect, where accomplishments are publicly recognized.
  • They motivate employees to be more productive.
  • They build a more positive workplace environment.
  • They spread the word about your business, sparking conversations about your products and services.
  • They reward top performers and long-time tenure.

The Best in Customized Service Award Pins for Employees

At Award Concepts, we specialize in creating customized pins. Our craftsmen design the pieces in house and we manufacture them at our own state-of-the-art facility in St. Charles, Ill. Our pins are attractive, unique and easy to affix to clothing. They’re also personalized to your business, creating a positive impression for you and your team.

When workers wear their service award pins, they not only feel honored, but also advertise your business and its values to everyone who sees them.

Why Choose Award Concepts

Backed by more than three decades in the employee recognition industry, Award Concepts is pleased to offer our customers beautiful custom jewelry pieces that express loyalty, service and respect. Here are just a few of the reasons employers keep coming to us for their service pins:

  • Seamless order fulfillment
  • Help picking the right rewards for your business
  • Custom, American-made products
  • Manufacturing using cutting-edge tools
  • Ongoing reporting and assessments to move you towards your goals
  • Exceptional service, beginning to end

When you’re looking for a better way to reward and motivate your team, come to Award Concepts. Our team is proud to offer the perfect award pins for employees to help move you toward your goals. Contact us today to learn more!