Recognize This: Tips for Employee Recognition

Everybody loves an anniversary, which makes me wonder why so many organizations only offer service recognition in five-year intervals. Yes, it can get costly to offer formal gifts every year – and forget about the size of the banquet hall you’d have to rent! But there are easy, cost-effective and fun ways to recognize employees in between those milestone years.

First, give yourself a break and delegate the task.  Let your managers handle annual recognition. It can be as simple as a quick stand-up meeting to say, “Thanks for another year!” in front of the department. How about lunch? Anniversaries are the perfect occasion for a manager to have some relaxing one-on-one time with an employee. Work topics are optional. A little personal bonding can go a long way towards keeping employees happy – and just keeping them!

Second, look for other opportunities to recognize employees. A job well done, service above and beyond the employee’s duties or completion of a special project are all appropriate occasions for a little reward. Again, ask your managers to recommend their employees for recognition or have them do it themselves. And it doesn’t take a big outlay of cash. A Starbuck’s gift card can make someone feel special.

Third, be sure to keep in touch with Award Concepts for more ideas, including Our GIFT For You. This unique online recognition program makes rewarding employees so simple, so seamless, you’ll wonder why you wait five years to offer a gift. Request a login today and let’s start a conversation!

One thought on “Recognize This: Tips for Employee Recognition

  1. You make it sound so easy to make sure that employees can get recognition for when they do well. I like how you say to just ask the managers who they think has done a really good job or anything else like that. It’d be nice to have the awards be substantial so that they can be something the employee can really treasure. You’d just have to find the right recognition awards to give out.

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