7 Treats for Employee Appreciation Day

ATTENTION ALL MANAGERS. March 4th is right around the corner, and you know what that means: it’s time to once again show your employees how much you love them. That’s right, next Friday, March 4th, is Employee Appreciation Day. Hopefully you’re already recognizing your workforce year-round, but if you feel like your people could use a […]

10 Super-Special Recognition Ideas

Frequent employee recognition has a number of benefits, including increased employee engagement, higher productivity and lower turnover rates. However, there’s one drawback. When an employee makes a truly outstanding effort, you have to try a little harder to distinguish that accomplishment from others. Here are ten extra-special ways to recognize extra-special effort: Establish a “Gold” […]

10 Everyday Recognition Ideas

There are two reasons NOT to wait for a five-year milestone to recognize an employee. First, while corporate loyalty and longevity are certainly cause for celebration, are they really accomplishments? Second, as we’ve pointed out in many past articles, frequent recognition has a direct effect on employee satisfaction, engagement and retention…which takes us right back […]

5 Keys to Effective Employee Recognition

Whether you’re in HR or management, or work for a small start-up or a large organization, following these five essentials will make your employee recognition pay off big dividends in satisfaction, engagement and productivity. Be timely. If you administer formal years-of-service awards, invite employees to choose their gift ahead of their actual anniversary. Congratulatory emails […]

What Are You Doing for Bosses’ Day?

Okay, we’ll concede that Bosses’ Day 2015 – October 16 – is another ploy of the greeting card industry to drum up sales. But it’s an interesting idea from a recognition standpoint. Where traditional recognition flows from the top down, and peer-to-peer recognition works laterally, Bosses’ Day is the one time when it comes from […]

Move to the Middle for Employee Engagement

Fostering an engaged workforce may start at the top, but it’s the next folks in line who drive it through the ranks and make it happen. Middle managers are the vital link between the corner office and the cubicle crowd. They set the example for engaged behavior, communicate corporate news and policies, and facilitate feedback […]

A Time-Saver for Your To-Do List

As a manager, the last thing you need is another action item, right? But if you add this one task – and do it on a regular basis – you’ll be amazed at how much time it will save you on annual performance reviews. Ready? Here it is: Provide feedback. You might be thinking, “But […]

Build Your Dream Team

You thought you’d heard the last word on employee engagement, right? Wrong! Because it’s so important to your organization’s success (and your personal success), we’re going to expand on the keys to fostering engagement among your workforce, starting with team building. Volumes have been written on team building, but you can save yourself a lot […]

Communication = Engagement

One of the most fundamental rules of employee engagement is also one of the easiest to implement: internal communication. Here’s what employees want to know: “How are my contributions to the company making a difference?” Tell employees how they’ve helped to streamline processes, save money, increase profits and satisfy your customers…and be specific! “What’s going […]

Rules of Engagement Part 2

“We’re engaged!” That ecstatic statement doesn’t only lead to the altar. Apply it to your organization and it leads to improved morale, higher productivity and greater profitability. For all the benefits you’ll reap from employee engagement, surprisingly it doesn’t take a great deal of effort to get their heads – and hearts – in the […]

Rules of Engagement Part 1

It’s about time for some good economic news! After a long period of recession, recovery seems to be well underway. Corporate earnings are trending upwards. So is hiring…which can be bad news if your workforce is disengaged and looking to greener pastures. You might ask why you would want to keep unhappy employees. After all, […]