Office Offenses

We’ve all got them: those “pet peeves” that drive us crazy the minute we step into the lobby. If we’re lucky, they don’t hit us until we’re settled at our desk. Just for fun, here are some of the leading office offenses…see how many you can identify with!

Chatty co-workers. Not that you have anything against a little polite banter, but there are some people who just don’t know when to quit. And it usually seems like they turn up at the worst possible times, like when you’re crunching numbers to meet a deadline that’s just hours away. You hate to be rude, but it’s perfectly okay to excuse yourself from the conversation. On a related note: loud talkers.

Personal grooming. There’s nothing wrong with using a little hand lotion at your desk (if it’s unscented). But anything beyond that is best relegated to the bathroom or better yet, done at home. The top-ranking offense? Nail clippers. Not only is the sound annoying, you have to wonder: where are those clippings ending up? Filing nails runs a close second. Also best to keep hair brushing to a bare minimum.

Smelly lunches. Restaurants and cafeterias serve a vital purpose, providing much-needed time away from our desks. Sometimes, though, it’s tough to take that break and we find ourselves eating while we work. But we all wish our colleagues would skip the raw onions, tuna fish and spicy ethnic dishes.

Email abuses. These are legion. They include excessive sharing of cute YouTube videos; solicitation of orders for candles, cookies, etc. for kids’ fundraisers; hitting “reply all” when it’s really not necessary; or endlessly replying with one-liners like “OK”, “thx” or “LOL”.

Not enough recognition. Yeah, you knew that was coming. And yes, if you don’t have a recognition program, you need to contact Award Concepts pronto. That said, it’s still pretty irritating to never hear a simple “Thank you” or “Nice job”. So be sure to voice your appreciation next time someone does something noteworthy…just keep it short and sweet so you don’t come across as too chatty!

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