Perfect Employee Attendance Initiative Programs

Remember back when you were in school and perfect attendance was a really big deal? When you think about it, why should it be any different today in the workforce? After all, regular attendance is critical to job continuity and productivity. Conversely, a “slacker” is going to have a negative impact on the department, causing […]

Awards Aren’t for Salespeople Only

Salespeople are the lifeblood of most corporations and have traditionally been treated accordingly – not only with generous commissions, but with cash, travel and merchandise awards. In the case of sales, awards also act as powerful incentives to bring in new customers and meet or beat increasingly aggressive sales goals. But the tide may be […]

Low Budget? No Problem!

There’s a glimmer of hope on the economic horizon, as least concerning job growth. There are fewer claims for unemployment and many companies are even hiring again. Maybe yours is one of them! But even the most optimistic organizations are still watching expenditures very carefully, especially where rewards and recognition are concerned. Recognition is a […]

The Case Against Cash Awards

non cash employee recognition awards

When it comes to compensation above and beyond salary or commission, companies have traditionally turned to cash. It’s fast, it’s easy and everybody likes it! But according to The Incentive Research Foundation (IRF), many companies are now recognizing that cash awards and incentives aren’t necessarily the best way to go. Here’s the case against cash: […]

Balancing Act

Talk about maintaining a work-life balance is too often just that: talk. The reality is that even among the most well-meaning managers, there’s too much work and not enough people or hours in the day to get it done. Add to that the fact that email and cell phones make most of us accessible for […]