Awards Aren’t for Salespeople Only

Salespeople are the lifeblood of most corporations and have traditionally been treated accordingly – not only with generous commissions, but with cash, travel and merchandise awards. In the case of sales, awards also act as powerful incentives to bring in new customers and meet or beat increasingly aggressive sales goals.

But the tide may be turning.

Incentive magazine’s 2014 Gift IQ survey reports that 59% of respondents cited employee recognition as their primary use for merchandise incentives. This tops 46% for increasing sales and 29% for service awards.

What does this trend tell us? That the smartest companies these days are finding that merchandise awards for employee recognition have a positive effect on areas of their business outside of sales. Employee recognition boosts morale and job satisfaction, which in turn increases employee retention and improves productivity for a more successful company. And that can only make life sweeter for your salespeople!

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