10 Super-Special Recognition Ideas

Frequent employee recognition has a number of benefits, including increased employee engagement, higher productivity and lower turnover rates. However, there’s one drawback. When an employee makes a truly outstanding effort, you have to try a little harder to distinguish that accomplishment from others. Here are ten extra-special ways to recognize extra-special effort: Establish a “Gold” […]

Maximize Those Benefits

Everybody loves a great employee benefit package. But if it’s not being used to its full advantage, how much is it really benefiting your employees…and your organization? One of the biggest reasons employees don’t maximize all their benefits is because they’re simply not aware of them. Sure, benefits come up during the hiring and onboarding […]

10 Everyday Recognition Ideas

There are two reasons NOT to wait for a five-year milestone to recognize an employee. First, while corporate loyalty and longevity are certainly cause for celebration, are they really accomplishments? Second, as we’ve pointed out in many past articles, frequent recognition has a direct effect on employee satisfaction, engagement and retention…which takes us right back […]