10 Super-Special Recognition Ideas

Frequent employee recognition has a number of benefits, including increased employee engagement, higher productivity and lower turnover rates. However, there’s one drawback. When an employee makes a truly outstanding effort, you have to try a little harder to distinguish that accomplishment from others.

Here are ten extra-special ways to recognize extra-special effort:

  1. Establish a “Gold” or “Platinum” level award to differentiate high-level accomplishments, particularly those that lead to significant cost savings or revenue gains.
  2. Treat that employee who’s put in extra-long hours or racked up weeks of travel to a gourmet dinner at an upscale restaurant. Be sure to include their significant other with a note of thanks for their patience.
  3. Offer a paid day off, with all expenses paid, to an event of the employee’s choice: a baseball game, museum tickets and lunch, a spa day. Want more ideas? Ask employees what sort of activities they’d like.
  4. Reward a big cost-savings effort with a “lean and mean” gift of a 3-month gym membership.
  5. If your employee got you out of a sticky situation, how about a “well-handled” gift? Think luggage or a high-end designer handbag.
  6. Establish a “rock-solid” award for those employees who consistently show leadership and dependability. Try tickets to a local concert venue.
  7. How about an “ABCD” award – Above and Beyond the Call of Duty! Reward that alphabetical accomplishment with something literary, like an extra-generous Barnes and Noble gift card.
  8. Recognize your extra-special employees at an all-company gathering in their honor.
  9. Think “GEM” for “Go the Extra Mile” with a reward of jewelry or a watch.
  10. Offer a high-end gift of the employee’s choice from a fantastic recognition program by Award Concepts!

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