Natural Resources: Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Looking for an easy, economical way to enhance your employee recognition program? The resources are right in front of you. They’re sitting in your cubicles and offices…greeting you in the hallway…maybe even pulling into your favorite parking space! That’s right, they’re your employees. Peer-to-peer recognition is gaining more attention among organizations of all types and […]

10 Tips for Maintaining and Sustaining Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Once you’ve kicked off a peer-to-peer recognition program, your work is done, right? After all, you’ve delegated the task of acknowledging successes, so you can just step back and let it happen.   Not so fast. While a great deal of the responsibility has been shifted, you still have to maintain and sustain the program. […]

Three Keys to Successful Peer-to-Peer Recognition

You’re sold on the concept of peer-to-peer recognition . You’ve convinced your managers of the benefits: greater employee engagement, improved morale, increased productivity and profitability. The question now is, how do you create, implement and sustain a program? First things first. The beauty of this type of program is that it’s totally customizable to every […]