What’s in a (Brand) Name?

It doesn’t take a name-brand provider to provide brand names. Generic products are great for supermarkets, not so much for service recognition programs. Let’s face it: whether it’s a personal gift or part of a program, a brand name beats a barcode any day. It tells your employees that they’re getting something of value – […]

Non-Cash Awards WORK!

non cash employee recognition awards

Money talks, but a thoughtful gift speaks volumes. Plain and simple – non-cash incentives are good for your business. A properly designed incentive program can have a positive impact on your company’s bottom line. The numbers don’t lie! According to the Incentive Research Foundation, a company with a cash-based program has to spend 12 cents […]

Survey Says: How to Interpret Survey Results

Every manager knows the power of positive reinforcement. But when it comes to recognition, sometimes the best intentions go slightly awry. Why? Recognition practices and programs impact each individual differently, whether positively or negatively. The best way to determine what your employees really want: Ask them! Recognition surveys can uncover individual preferences in how employees […]

Recognize This: Tips for Employee Recognition

Everybody loves an anniversary, which makes me wonder why so many organizations only offer service recognition in five-year intervals. Yes, it can get costly to offer formal gifts every year – and forget about the size of the banquet hall you’d have to rent! But there are easy, cost-effective and fun ways to recognize employees […]