What’s in a (Brand) Name?

It doesn’t take a name-brand provider to provide brand names.

Generic products are great for supermarkets, not so much for service recognition programs. Let’s face it: whether it’s a personal gift or part of a program, a brand name beats a barcode any day. It tells your employees that they’re getting something of value – and more importantly, that they’re valued by your organization.

A solid award program offers name-brand gifts at every level. After all, an employee celebrating a first five-year milestone is just as deserving of quality as someone retiring after 40 years of service. And while that first-time honoree works his way up to Movado and Tumi, he’ll be very pleased with gifts from Bulova and Samsonite.

If you think you need to partner with a large, well-known service recognition provider to offer your employees top-of-the-line gifts, think again. At Award Concepts, we don’t need to be the biggest to be THE BEST. With more than 25 years in the industry, we know how to bring the perfect mix of brand names to your program. Give us a call and start the conversation!

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