Non-Cash Awards WORK!

Money talks, but a thoughtful gift speaks volumes.

Plain and simple – non-cash incentives are good for your business. A properly designed incentive program can have a positive impact on your company’s bottom line. The numbers don’t lie!

According to the Incentive Research Foundation, a company with a cash-based program has to spend 12 cents to achieve one dollar in incremental profit (revenue generated by the incentive program —increased purchases, cost savings, increased sales). In a program using non-cash awards, the investment is a mere 4 cents for every dollar of incremental profit.

Wouldn’t you rather have an incentive program that’s three times more effective?

Yes, it takes some initial investment and ongoing administration. But the results and benefits far outweigh the costs. And with Award Concepts, you and your employees can choose from the broadest range of brand-name gifts, backed by personal customer service that’s second to none. We’ll help you save where you can and maximize every dollar you spend on your program.

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