Take a Dip in the Retention Pond

Turn that five-year service award recipient into a twenty-five year!

Keeping a good employee today isn’t as hard as it was twenty years ago. This is one time when economic uncertainty is on your side! Still, if your managers are doing their job right, your best employees know how good they are – and what they’re worth even in a soft job market.

Especially if your payroll is tight and big bonuses (or any bonuses) are a thing of the past, your best bet to keep those star employees is a service awards program that’s worthy of their loyalty.

The first thing an awardee wants is selection. Give them plenty of gift options at every level. And don’t skimp on your five-year folks. A gift with high perceived value whets their appetite for the next award…and the next.

Remember that quantity only counts when it’s matched by quality. Brand names matter to employees. Again, it’s that perceived value. When they recognize a name – Bulova, Krups, Apple – they know they can trust the source which, in this case, is ultimately you!

Finally, make it easy and fun for them to choose and redeem their award. This is where Award Concepts comes in. Our GIFT For You is our exclusive online award redemption program that lets employees browse huge collections of awesome gifts, view videos on selected items, read reviews and even share their experience through social media. Watch our video or request a login right now!





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