Formal Service Award Programs: Black Tie Optional

Isn’t it enough to say “thanks” every five years? In a word, no! A service awards banquet is a great way to acknowledge years of service. If you’re doing it, by all means keep it up. Who doesn’t love having their dedication to the company recognized by management and peers? But don’t make your employees […]

Employee Recognition in the Digital Age

Rewarding Employees Digitally Remember paper? It’s still out there, but more and more employers are going digital. Since you’re reading this online, you’re obviously among them! Employee recognition takes to the digital age like a duck to water. Technology lets employees choose rewards more easily and receive them faster. It helps managers boost morale and […]

Strike a Balance for Successful Safety Recognition

You’ve just established a safety incentive program. Congratulations! You can look forward to fewer injuries, better morale and higher productivity in your organization. One thing you might not have taken into account, however: Some employees might be so focused on the rewards that they simply don’t report work-related injuries and illnesses. Is it a lost […]