Employee Recognition in the Digital Age

Rewarding Employees Digitally

Remember paper? It’s still out there, but more and more employers are going digital. Since you’re reading this online, you’re obviously among them!

admin portal for employee recognitionEmployee recognition takes to the digital age like a duck to water. Technology lets employees choose rewards more easily and receive them faster. It helps managers boost morale and motivate workers in real time. Best of all, it offers several ways to recognize employees using simple and, in some cases, free web-based applications.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to reward your employees is also the least expensive. In fact, it’s free – recognize them publicly for their efforts at staff meetings or via group emails. Take it a step further with a customized Recognition Portal website. Award Concepts will build one to fit your company’s branding requirements and recognition goals, with great features such as bulletin boards, peer-to-peer recognition links and e-cards.

If you haven’t already, you’ll soon find that using the internet for recognition unifies and builds awardee portal for employee recognitioncommunity among employees. A Recognition Portal website gives designated supervisors access to creating posts or news articles that are relevant to other managers and employees. Content can be as simple as a list of each month’s employee anniversaries, or as detailed as an in-depth analysis of how a department’s productivity has increased thanks to a new company initiative.

The simplest way to drive employees to the community bulletin boards on your Recognition Portal is through company e-mails and newsletters. Once there, employees and managers can engage in conversation using a familiar comment system.

You can easily tie your Recognition Portal website into any other company websites. If you have a password-protected benefits website, you can link to it from the Recognition Portal websites. Do you have a company Facebook or Twitter account? You can link to that from your Portal website too.

You can also take advantage of other great services such as online surveys and customized e-cards from Award Concepts. One of our most popular tools is our 1 Minute Manager e-mail system. Sign up and you’ll receive useful, helpful employee recognition tips in your inbox every day of the week.

Technology changes fast, so contact your recognition specialist at Award Concepts today for a web-based demo on our online services!


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