Three Keys to Successful Peer-to-Peer Recognition

You’re sold on the concept of peer-to-peer recognition . You’ve convinced your managers of the benefits: greater employee engagement, improved morale, increased productivity and profitability. The question now is, how do you create, implement and sustain a program? First things first. The beauty of this type of program is that it’s totally customizable to every […]

Recognition Yields Results

By now, everybody should be on board with the importance of having an effective recognition program. Employees want to feel good about their performance and appreciated for their time and efforts. But a solid recognition program isn’t just about making people happy. Consistently administered and communicated, it will yield positive results throughout your organization. Did […]

A Time-Saver for Your To-Do List

As a manager, the last thing you need is another action item, right? But if you add this one task – and do it on a regular basis – you’ll be amazed at how much time it will save you on annual performance reviews. Ready? Here it is: Provide feedback. You might be thinking, “But […]