Recognition Yields Results

By now, everybody should be on board with the importance of having an effective recognition program. Employees want to feel good about their performance and appreciated for their time and efforts. But a solid recognition program isn’t just about making people happy. Consistently administered and communicated, it will yield positive results throughout your organization.

Did you know that:

  • Organizations with a recognition program have 14 percent higher employee engagement, employee productivity and customer satisfaction.1
  • Effective recognition programs lower voluntary turnover rates by 31 percent. 1
  • Organizations with strong recognition programs and practices are 12 times more likely to have strong business outcomes.1
  • 41 percent of organizations using peer-to-peer recognition report significant positive increases in customer satisfaction.2
  • 85 percent of organizations who invested 1 percent or more of payroll on recognition saw a positive impact on employee engagement.2


By boosting employee engagement, recognition programs also lower the incidence of on-the-job accidents, reduce absenteeism and enrich teamwork. Award Concepts has tons of ideas to help you enhance your recognition program – give us a call and see some positive results in your own workplace!

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2Society for Human Resources Management, 2012

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