Rules of Engagement Part 2

“We’re engaged!” That ecstatic statement doesn’t only lead to the altar. Apply it to your organization and it leads to improved morale, higher productivity and greater profitability. For all the benefits you’ll reap from employee engagement, surprisingly it doesn’t take a great deal of effort to get their heads – and hearts – in the […]

Rules of Engagement Part 1

It’s about time for some good economic news! After a long period of recession, recovery seems to be well underway. Corporate earnings are trending upwards. So is hiring…which can be bad news if your workforce is disengaged and looking to greener pastures. You might ask why you would want to keep unhappy employees. After all, […]

Award Concepts’ 30th Anniversary

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  Award Concepts Celebrates 30th Anniversary 2015 marks thirty years of providing excellent employee recognition solutions June 3, 2015 – Award Concepts, a leader in employee recognition programs and manufactured jewelry, celebrates its 30th anniversary. In 1985 co-founders Gordon Campbell and Bob La Frenier set out to develop cost-effective recognition programs for clients to demonstrate […]