Strike a Balance for Successful Safety Recognition

You’ve just established a safety incentive program. Congratulations!

You can look forward to fewer injuries, better morale and higher productivity in your organization. One thing you might not have taken into account, however: Some employees might be so focused on the rewards that they simply don’t report work-related injuries and illnesses. Is it a lost cause? Not at all. You just have to strike the right balance. Here are some suggestions:

Be Positive About the Negative. It’s great to reward days without incidents. But it’s also in everybody’s best interest to encourage (and reward!) timely reports about injuries, near-misses and potential hazards. Short-term, employees are still recognized and rewarded. Long-term, you’ll benefit from a safer environment, thanks to workers’ heightened awareness.

Keep Looking Ahead. Industries change fast these days. Every new advance can bring new safety challenges – and solutions! Stay on top of these trends and make sure your incentive program reflects the changes.

Recognize the Right Things. A balanced safety incentive program recognizes efforts at all levels, from handling everyday work situations to leading proactive endeavors for long-term success. You might include:

  • Attendance at regularly scheduled safety meetings
  • Zero-incident reports for a week, month or longer
  • Reporting near misses and hazardous conditions – and suggesting improvements
  • Implementation of new best practices in safety and housekeeping
  • Completion of safety training and first aid courses
  • Participation in incident investigation
  • Peer recognition
  • Suggestions for off-the-job safety

Of course, it’s important to be consistent with your rewards and to use incentives that really matter to your employees. That’s where Award Concepts can help – contact us now!

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