Just say, “Thanks”!

This short word is long on rewards, especially when you throw a gift into the mix!

Start recognizing – and rewarding – your employees’ performance and you’ll soon see big benefits in your workplace. Sincere appreciation on a regular basis builds a two-way bridge between manager and employee, leading to deeper loyalty and more effective communication. That, in turn, gives your business increased productivity, improved attendance, greater efficiency and higher profitability. It’s also been shown that employees who enjoy regular recognition are more agile and accepting of change in the workplace.

Staff appreciation is stunningly simple. First, ask yourself what employees can do to make your organization more efficient, more profitable, more inviting or even more fun. These are the kinds of ideas that deserve recognition, along with record sales by month, record attendance or record order volume. These are all achievements that your organization and its managers can acknowledge and reward at a moment’s notice.

But don’t stop there. Here are some more occasions to show employees you’re glad they’re on your team:

  • Start date anniversaries and birthdays
  • Life events like engagements, additions to the family, purchase of a new home, etc.
  • New client acquisition
  • Record days without incident
  • Response to a rush order with speed and accuracy
  • Receipt of a thank-you or recommendation letter from client

Often, a simple verbal recognition is all it takes. It’s even more effective delivered at a quick stand-up staff meeting. But the occasional gift item really seals the deal.

Once you get started, you’ll find there’s no stopping – and you’ll soon get used to hearing “Thanks!” right back at you from your employees.

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