10 Everyday Recognition Ideas

There are two reasons NOT to wait for a five-year milestone to recognize an employee. First, while corporate loyalty and longevity are certainly cause for celebration, are they really accomplishments? Second, as we’ve pointed out in many past articles, frequent recognition has a direct effect on employee satisfaction, engagement and retention…which takes us right back to those five-year milestones!

Here are ten easy – and economical – ways to recognize your employees any time, for anything.

Make recognition the first order of business in department or company-wide meetings.

Use your company intranet to honor achievements – both within the organization and in the community.

  1. Send an email thanking your employee for their extra effort. Be specific and be sure to copy higher level managers!
  2. Choose one employee every week or every month for special recognition. Send an email not only to that employee, but to their entire department or even the whole company.
  3. Take that a step further and post the employee’s photo in the lobby.
  4. Offer high achievers the chance to work on their choice of a fun assignment, especially if it involves time off-site.
  5. Say it with flowers or an easy-care potted plant.
  6. Solicit suggestions for process improvements and select one idea monthly or quarterly. Reward the winner with a gift certificate to a restaurant or the movies.
  7. Perfect attendance isn’t only for schoolkids. Recognize your most dependable people with a lunch at the end of the year.
  8. Reward those “extra-mile” employees with a free car wash and a tank of gas.


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