What Are You Doing for Bosses’ Day?

Okay, we’ll concede that Bosses’ Day 2015 – October 16 – is another ploy of the greeting card industry to drum up sales. But it’s an interesting idea from a recognition standpoint. Where traditional recognition flows from the top down, and peer-to-peer recognition works laterally, Bosses’ Day is the one time when it comes from the bottom up.

That said, why not take this opportunity to butter up the boss? Seriously, go beyond the greeting card and try one of these ideas:

Throw a party. Nothing big or fancy, and nothing that would scream, “We’re slacking off.” Just some donuts and really good coffee to start the day is a great way to say “Thank you” to your boss. As a bonus, everyone gets to enjoy it!

Let’s do lunch. Everybody has to eat, right? Taking the boss out to lunch is always appropriate, always appreciated and easy to do whether it’s just you or a whole team.

Give a gift. With several people covering the cost, a gift can be an easy and economical gesture. Stay away from anything too personal, but acknowledge their interests or hobbies. If your boss is an avid golfer, for instance, some quality balls and tees would be nice. Gourmet foods, wine or even flowers are all good choices, too.

Just say “Thanks!” It costs you nothing and – if offered sincerely – will be appreciated and remembered for a long time. Follow it up with what you’re specifically grateful for. Is he generous with letting you have family time when needed? Did she have your back during a contentious time? Let them know!

Most important, especially if you really have a great boss (like everyone here at Award Concepts), keep Bosses’ Day going all year. No need to be a suck-up or a brown-noser. Simply recognize their positive attributes, acknowledge their support and give them the very best performance you can, every day. You’ll build a strong working relationship that will end up rewarding you!

Note:  Bosses’ Day 2016 will land on October 17th

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