Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

early to bed early to rise benjamin franklinAccording to the old adage, that’s what you become when you’re “early to bed and early to rise.” Maybe so, but encouraging wellness in the workplace has the same outcome!

Healthy. It’s no surprise that healthy workers are happier, more productive, and a better influence on their co-workers. Employee wellness programs are increasingly popular and can be surprisingly easy to implement and maintain, even for small businesses. There are any number of programs available, as well as consultants and partners to help you get started. But even the simplest steps can have a positive impact:

  • If you have a cafeteria, offer lower-fat, lower-calorie choices. You can do the same with vending machines – less candy and soda, more granola bars and water.
  • Offer on-site exercise classes. You don’t need a fancy fitness center. Many companies contract with personal trainers to hold aerobic or yoga classes before or after regular business hours. You can also offer full or partial reimbursement to employees for gym memberships.
  • Sponsor employee sports – biking, running, softball, even bowling. Not only do they help employees get in shape, they foster camaraderie and teamwork.

Wealthy. Corporate Wellness Magazine reports that for every $1 invested in wellness programs , companies realize $4 in savings. That’s from fewer sick days, more productivity and lower health care costs.

Wise. No guarantees that wellness programs have a direct effect on employees’ IQs, but they’re definitely a smart choice for any organization!

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