Corporate Culture 101: Steps to Success

No books required.  ;)

Do you want to refer to a manual for every action you take during the day? I didn’t think so. And neither do your employees. Rules and regulations are great and they have their place in every organization. But a firmly established corporate culture, embraced by all employees, will have a much greater impact on your company’s performance, sales and profits. No manual required!

You might be asking, “How can I create a corporate culture?” Truth is you already have one! So the better question to ask is, “How can I improve our corporate culture?” Here are some simple preliminary steps.

Take stock. Has your company defined its core values? What is your corporate vision for the future? If you can’t answer these questions, this is your starting point. We’ll give you some helpful tips in an upcoming article.

Look around. See who’s working for you…and I mean really working for you. The most critical determinant of corporate culture is the right people in the right positions. How are your various departments performing? How’s management doing? Take a look at performance evaluations and factor in job turnover to see if you’re going in the right direction.

Check your vitals. Absenteeism is a big symptom of an ailing corporate culture. It might indicate that employees don’t care and simply don’t show up or that they have legitimate health issues. In either case, a good dose of morale-boosting and company-sponsored wellness initiatives can be an effective cure.

Finally, trust your gut. When it comes to knowing if you have a healthy corporate culture, you can’t count on a procedural manual. How you feel about working in your environment can tell you a lot about whether you need to build up a weak corporate culture or nurture a strong one.

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