Core Values, the Key to Corporate Culture

Quick: In 30 seconds or less, can you list your company’s core values? Don’t feel bad if you can’t. Most of us need a cheat sheet! But if it’s because your organization hasn’t identified their core values, keep reading and take notes.

You might be thinking it’s a bit of fluff to establish core values. What difference does it make to your bottom line, right? Well, it can make a big difference. Core values are the foundation for a positive corporate culture, which sets the stage for highly motivated employees and ultimately, strong earnings.

What are core values? Simply put, they’re the fundamental principles behind your organization, what makes it tick – and succeed! The best core values are often the most basic. They’re easy to remember and easy to implement. Here are some examples:

  • Treat employees and customers like family.
  • Expect the best from yourself and those around you.
  • Make our community a better place.
  • Keep everything above board.
  • Communicate!

You can see how setting core values like these helps to create and reinforce a positive corporate culture. The important thing to remember is not to stop there:

  • Share the values with employees via email or newsletters.
  • Post them in workplaces and break rooms.
  • Ask your employees for ideas on how they can best demonstrate the values…and reward their efforts when they carry them out.
  • Be consistent.
  • And of course, set the best example!

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