Craft a 20/20 Vision Statement

We’re all encouraged to get our vision checked once a year – the same should apply to your corporate vision statement! If you’re not clear on exactly what that is, it’s closely tied to your company’s core values. Where the core values are a list of closely held beliefs and ideals, the corporate vision statement defines where those values will take your company.

A clearly defined vision statement does two things for your organization. First, it gives employees a rallying point and tells them why their efforts matter. Second, it reinforces your company’s goals and helps keep management on track to achieve them.

If your organization already has a corporate vision statement, great! But it may be time for a check-up. How long ago was the statement crafted? Has anything changed since then – buyouts, major shifts in leadership? How about changes in the marketplace that impact how and with whom you do business? Also, make sure your employees – at all levels – are aware of the statement and feel that they’re part of your organization’s vision.

No vision statement? No problem. Start with your core values. Then reflect on what has made your company successful so far. What goals sparked its creation? What drives your leaders today? What do they want the organization to achieve in the coming years and how will they get there? Ultimately, the vision statement should answer the question, “What will success look like when we accomplish our goals?”

The ideal vision statement is clear and concise…projects five to ten years out…conveys passion…and inspires employees. Once you have your statement, there’s one more step. Develop a plan to communicate the vision statement to your employees and reward the workers who make it happen!

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