Award Concepts Renews Dedication to American-Made Products

Recognizing that small businesses create two out of every three jobs in the U.S., and that 78 percent of consumers prefer to buy products made in the USA, Award Concepts steps up its support for the Made in America movement by including more American-made products in its employee recognition programs.

For more than 30 years, the St. Charles, Illinois-based company has dealt extensively with U.S. partners in the employee recognition and incentive programs they offer. They now plan to increase their share of American-made offerings and make them more visible in their award catalogs and on their website. Vice President of Sales and Operations Don Martens reports, “More people, including our clients, are taking an active interest in where the products they buy are made. It’s primarily a question of quality, but I think there’s an element of patriotism, too. Other companies like the idea that they’re doing something to make our economy stronger.”

Award Concepts’ line offers a wide array of nationally branded and locally made products from such notable domestic companies as Allen Edmonds, a Wisconsin-based manufacturer of premium hand-crafted men’s footwear and accessories, and Stormy Kroger, a Michigan-based maker of exceptional hand-made caps and outerwear for men and women. Partnerships have been made with manufacturers across the U.S. in towns such as Huxley, IN; Post Falls, ID; Park Falls, WI; South Pittsburg, TN; and Anchorage, AL.

In addition to partnering with U.S. companies, Award Concepts custom-designs and manufactures corporate and service organization jewelry, including rings, lapel pins and other specialty awards, in its state-of-the-art facility. Darren Jeanis, Award Concepts Chief Operating Officer, says, “Being in the manufacturing business ourselves, we understand what goes into creating a quality product. It’s a major commitment of time and resources. If we want to be supported as a local business, we have a responsibility to do the same.”

Martens also cites Award Concepts’ support for the Buy Illinois campaign, adding, “Local support helps communities prosper as well as companies. Everybody benefits.”

Going forward, Martens invites any interested Made in America manufacturers to contact Award Concepts. “If you have an exceptional product and you share our vision for a stronger America, we want to hear from you!

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