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An old song says, “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do” – but unfortunately, good employees do it all the time.

Even with the standard two weeks’ notice, their departure can leave a gaping hole in your department’s structure. While you go through the time-consuming and expensive process of recruiting a replacement, other employees struggle to fill the gap. Productivity and morale suffer. And even with a stellar new recruit on board, it takes time to rebound.

you keep me hangin onSometimes, employees leave for reasons beyond your control. Health issues, family concerns and relocation are the most common. But most often, they leave for reasons that you can identify and correct! These include:

Watch for follow-up articles with tips for turning these situations around and keeping your employees satisfied. Pretty soon, they’ll be changing their tune to “You Keep Me Hangin’ On”!

This Day in History…

Great inventions often come from everyday problems, like the one our client Wake Forest Baptist Health was having. Their employees could no longer poke their service award lapel pins...
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