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One of the greatest things about the web is having so much info right at your fingertips. Still, you’ve got to search for it. And that can be tough if you’re not really sure what you’re looking for. Here’s your single stop for timely articles that won’t take a ton of time to read…and blog posts worth responding to!

Corporate dress codes sure have relaxed over the years! It really wasn’t all that long ago that folks dressed up for the office like they were going to a semi-formal affair. Can you imagine today trading in your Dockers and polo shirt for a suit and tie? Not likely.

The trend toward dressing down for the office has been great for workers (although not so much for dry cleaners)… so great that employees now expect it as a matter of course. So what can you do to make it more of a perceived benefit?

More benefits for you: a relaxed dress code doesn’t mean a lax work force! In fact, surveys and studies show that more comfortable employees are more productive. It improves morale, encourages bonding among peers and between employees and management, and demonstrates a flexible corporate culture.

Now, when you really want to shake things up a bit, try a Black Tie Tuesday!

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