Hiring Employees with “The Right Stuff”

Values and visions are just words without the right people to carry them out! Initially, it’s the task of the HR department to recruit and hire the best men and women for the job, but ultimately, it’s everyone’s responsibility to nurture their talent, reward their efforts and keep them around.

Let’s start with the hiring process. One way to identify a great employee is to discuss corporate culture – vision and values – before an offer is even put on the table. The ideal candidates will beat you to the punch and ask about the culture, but if they don’t, you need to get it out there and see how they react. Of course, the real key to making this strategy work is to ensure that all HR staff and hiring managers not only understand the corporate culture, but live it every day! Only then will they be able to gage whether a potential employee is a perfect fit.

Once someone is on board, it gets a little trickier. We all know about those people who shine like gold at the interview and tarnish like brass once they’re hired! A strong corporate culture and clearly defined values and vision make it much easier to spot and correct a potential problem before it damages the department or the organization. By the same token, it’s also easier to recognize when a new employee slots right into place and evaluate their performance as time goes on.

A positive evaluation, of course, should always be followed by prompt reward and recognition. See Non-Cash Awards WORK!, Take a Dip in the Retention Pond, and Just say, “Thanks!” for ideas. Want more tips on rewarding and retaining good folks? Contact Award Concepts – we have the right stuff, too!

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