All Hands On Deck…Including New Hires

You’ve brought your new hire on board, made all the proper introductions, created a welcoming environment. Now what?

The first week or so is even more critical than the first day when it comes to integrating a new team member. That’s when new hires – and organizations – begin to meet the expectations set during the interviewing and hiring process. Remember these points to help get new employees pulling their weight in your department sooner rather than later:

Keep it real. New employees are eager to show you what they’re made of. Take advantage of that enthusiasm by starting them off with a real assignment, not busy work. Remember, you’re trying to get them on board, not out of everyone’s way!

Step back. Let your new hire tackle that assignment without someone breathing over their shoulder. Make sure they know where to go if they have questions. But chances are they’ll figure it out on their own…and maybe come up with a better way of doing it!

Have fun! Encourage lunches, one-on-one bonding and after-hours events to help your new hire feel like part of the team. And be sure to reward their first accomplishments with personal and/or public recognition. Award Concepts can help you with that!

By keeping these few basic ideas in mind, you’ll show new hires that you’re confident in their abilities and that you made the right decision by hiring them. As a bonus, they’ll know they made the right decision by accepting your offer!



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