Mentors: Not for Newbies Only

Our last article, The Buddy System, laid out the benefits and basics of a mentoring plan for new employees. But did you know that many of your more seasoned workers can also benefit from having a mentor…and that you can benefit too?

Say you have a path to advancement within a department and you have an employee in mind to move up the ladder. What’s the best way to ensure that your protégé makes a smooth and successful transition? That’s right, have them spend some time with a mentor: if not the individual whose shoes they’re slated to fill, then someone in a similar position and/or level.

Adopting this leadership model of mentoring has a number of advantages:

  • You demonstrate your confidence in both parties by recognizing mentors for their expertise and mentees for their potential.
  • You’re assured of placing – and keeping – qualified, well-trained and highly motivated employees in your top spots.
  • Mentoring engages established employees to learn faster and take on leadership roles sooner, for maximum productivity.
  • It’s a great way to leverage your valuable internal resources and manage recruitment costs.

Plus, your mentee will be in a position to someday pass their proficiency on to another up-and-comer in your organization!


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