Whether you’re looking for a complete overhaul of your employee recognition program or a simple, one-off corporate jewelry design, you’ll find it at Award Concepts — the place where employee award recognition programs are customized to you. Rather than a formal, cookie-cutter approach to award recognition programs, we take a look at what specifically motivates you and your employees, as well as what makes you comfortable and what meets your needs. Based on that info, we tailor-make awards programs that will best reward and motivate your team. Simply put, we deliver THE BEST award programs, with THE BEST recognition ideas, so you can call attention to THE BEST people in your business — because they deserve nothing less!


Call attention to quality work.

Everybody likes to be noticed, especially in the workplace. That’s why, at Award Concepts, we help you excite and engage your workforce through custom-crafted employee award recognition programs that highlight exceptional achievements. Let us develop your own award recognition program to incentivize good work. We’ll even provide quality recognition ideas your employees will love, from jewelry to badges and more.

An easy, online way to access rewards.

It’s simple courtesy not to make you click through several pages to learn more about Our GIFT For You, our spin on the concept of online award redemption. Give your staff members an easy way to choose rewards, with an online gift catalog that’s filled with collections of items showcased in image galleries, video demonstrations and reviews. Watch the video — yes, the whole thing — to get a taste not only of what we can offer your team members, but also to receive your free gift!

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A little light reading

There’s way too much bad news, mud-slinging and finger-pointing on the web. Take a few minutes to read some timely articles that will actually help you on the job and might even raise a chuckle or two. No mud slung here, we promise!

Battling Workplace Negativity

workplace negativity

You can talk all you want to about creating a corporate culture and building employee engagement. But if you’re starting out with an environment of negativity, you need to banish that first…and fast! The signs of a negative workplace are pretty easy to spot, including low morale, poor teamwork and high turnover. If you’re an […]

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Cash Awards: They Cost More Than You Expect


When a company presents their employee with a cash award, the Internal Revenue Service requires that the cash amount must be treated as ordinary income by the employer. What are the implications of this? For the employee, ordinary income is subject to Federal and State payroll withholding taxes, and FICA Social Security and Medicare withholding. For […]

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How to Give THE BEST Recognition Speech

how to give the best recognition speech

Many managers often find themselves in a position to give speeches to recognize their employees. These managers may not always be the most gifted, or talented, public speakers. If you are one of these managers, do not despair. I’ve written this article for you and the rest of those managers who need a little help […]

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